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and your Staff

We're an IT and Cybersecurity Management Firm based in New England, USA.

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What Makes FreshTech So Different?

At FreshTech we have an underpinning belief that technology is amazing, and we are convinced it can be used to change our clients businesses for the better. Over the years we have realized that, for too many of our new clients, technology has been an expense - a black hole - money keeps pouring in yet nothing ever seems to come back out.

Our goal is to change that - to make technology an asset for our clients. Something that enables them to safeguard their data, alleviate integration headaches, capture new data, and enable new technologies to take their business to the next level. And we've got lots of experience doing exactly that.

Interested in how we chose our company name? Read our founder's press release

Keeping your Company Running 
Requires Keeping up with Technology

... and there's a problem

  • Nobody has given you a Plan
  • You don't have the expertise in-house
  • Your staff can't handle everything themselves
  • Hiring a Team is expensive
  • You've got information overload
  • You need people who know your industry

Freshtech is a dedicated Technology Team for your business; trained in, and experienced with, Manufacturing, that works diligently to put 20+ years of expertise in Technology and Cybersecurity at your beck-and-call.

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Cyber Security

User and C-Suite Training programs, WISPs (Written Information Security Policies), and fully-managed Computer, Server, and Network security solutions protect your business from ransomware attacks, wire-fraud, and other attack vectors plaguing manufacturing companies.

Vendor Management

Our team will help manage, coordinate and run interference with all your tech-related vendors; Internet, Phone, Security, and more. We also have relationships with existing companies like ERP VARs to leverage new programs and technology inside your Company.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is custom designed to make sure your business stays operational in a crisis, can perform product recalls within the allotted time-frames even if everything crashes, and ensures preservation of key passwords, systems info, and more in the event of any personnel compromises.

Tech Support

Our Team supports your in-house technical staff; handling backups, server monitoring, migrations, Network Security and providing general technical know-how.

Cloud Conversion

We help you safely migrate to the cloud, carefully mapping out and planning for how it can integrate back with your financial, production, case-management software and more, all while increasing operational data security (so no one can steal your grandma's secret recipes).

Virtual CTO, CIO, CISO

Budgeting, Strategy, Cyber Defense and overall Guidance. We bring the power of Chief Technical, Information, and Information Security Officers to your organization.

Here's what it looks like to engage our Team

We try and make it simple, and effective

Initial Meeting

We meet in-person at your primary production facility to figure out if we're a good fit for each other. We'll outline an Action Plan that gets you where you want to be.


Our team takes over your Technology at whatever level you needed; Enhancing and Supporting your Action Plan as we go.

Routine Review

We'll meet with Finance and Operations regularly to make sure your Technology is still driving and supporting your business; Keeping your Action Plan meaningful as you grow.